Thursday, April 26, 2012

T is for Thunder From Down Under

Oh, yeah. Thunder From Down Under....mmmmm.

When I turned 21, but dear friend, Rebecca, took me to Las Vegas where I experienced what most of you are thinking of: hot men.

Yes, please!

However, hot oiled men are not what I am referring to.

I've been leaving work every night and going straight to the gym to log miles on the treadmill. My body and brain were just not feeling it today. So instead of going to the gym - despite the fact that I had already changed into my running clothes before leaving work - I drove home. I got a text from my friend, Kristy, telling me that I needed to come to the barn, have wine, and then go eat dinner because she "needed chocolate Thunder from Down Under". That's a direct quote.

So not only did I not work out, I drank wine and ate too much. C'est la vie. It was worth it.

Yes, my work out regimen does include chocolate.
The chocolate Thunder From Down Under is gluten free. Score! Night, all. It's been a loooong day.

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