Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Rainbow Connection

This post isn't exactly about the rainbow connection. I just wanted you to get the song stuck in your head. You're welcome.

Sing it, Kermit.

But I did see some rainbow action during my run on Tuesday. Plus, it makes a good Blog post title and I got some good pictures, which made my first mile like 20 minutes because I kept stopping to take pictures.

It had rained earlier in the day, and more rain was on the way, so it was only 68 degrees when I started running. The first mile was full of me playing National Geographic photographer.

I felt really good on this run. I think that's mainly due to the drop in temperature. It can still be in the 90s after sunset in October here. There was a steady light rain for my second two miles and it felt amazing. I was prancing around like gazelle frolicking in the Serengeti. (Are there gazelles on the Serengeti? I'm too lazy to look it up.) The average observer may not have seen me as a gazelle (most likely they're were thinking brontosaurus, a really short Pygmy brontosaurus), but I was frolicking in my mind.

I had to use a filter on this one to show the whole rainbow.

I did a total of 4 miles and the last two felt amazing. I took a bunch of short walk breaks and then continued on at a pace that was pretty quick for me. It wasn't quite the Galloway approach, because I'd only walk maybe 10-15 steps, but it really did help.

I felt awesome when I was done and much more positive about getting back into running.

Then I went running last night. My legs were like cement. The first mile was so tough that I almost went back to my car. It was in the 80s and humid due to the rain on Tuesday.

I got through 2 miles, then 3. Somehow I managed to just keep trucking along until I did 6 miles. I was pretty proud of that considering how terrible I felt for the first half. I didn't even plan to run 6 miles. I originally planned to run only 3.

We should all take note of this because it's totally not like me to do that. I'll just give myself a pat on the back on your behalf, mmmm'kay?

The police precinct at the park where I run puts up decorations for different holidays, so this was out front. It doesn't feel like Halloween when I'm dripping sweat, but I appreciate the effort!


So put me down for 6 miles on Sunday, 4 miles on Tuesday and 6 miles on Wednesday for Wine & Dine Half training.




  1. I never have liked to take walk breaks during my runs, but I've learned it can help you not get injured in the long haul. Excellent job!

  2. Great job on the runs. The heat never bothered me before this year. I now notice that anything above 70 degrees slows me down and keeps me gasping for air. We had one cool day here since summer and it amazed me how much better my run was!

    When does it start cooling down in AZ?

  3. You had me in stitches when I read your description of how you look when you run....a Pygmy brontosaurus? How do you dream that stuff up? Congrats on your runs, sounds like you will be ready for Wine and Dine!

  4. Oh, wow, beautiful pictures! Love that! You're killing your W&D training, BTW! Can't believe it's almost here, SOOO excited! :)

  5. Woohoo! Yay for cooler temps and rainbows! You are going to rock W&D!


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