Thursday, April 30, 2015

Gym Rat To Be

I'm always looking for some magical motivational factor to get me off of my ass and into the gym (or out running, dieting, etc). I think I've found the answer.

Look! A new keychain. Supposedly, you can use it to work out.

To start, I decided to join a gym. There's a brand new gym that opened in the Bermuda Triangle of my life (home, work and barn make a triangle) and it has one vital thing: wifi. I figure I can feed my love of a good Netflix binge while slogging along on the treadmill.

I made this 18 month gym commitment on Sunday after brunch near the gym (with mimosas). I waltzed into the gym in flip flops and jeans with a mimosa induced happy feelings. Needless to say, I was not prepared to actually begin working out right then and there.

So far, I haven't made it to the gym at all because my adorable horse got an abscess in his foot and I've been soaking it in Epsom salt morning and night since Monday. And there always tends to be happy hour taking place at my barn in the evening. Running post Pinot Grigio hydrating is less than ideal. #priorities

Equine athletes use Epsom salt, too.


Despite the fact that I haven't actually made it into the gym, here is where the actual motivation comes in.

Louie still can't figure out why there's a horse in there.

We had mirrors set up in our arena, which is pretty common in dressage, so you can see how your horse is moving. Let me just say, I'm not thrilled with how I'm looking in those damn mirrors. It's way easier to be in denial when you can't see yourself. Although, I think my horse said, "oof!" when I got on him the other day. That might be a sign.

Oh, hey handsome!


Alas, having mirrors has not tapped into my narcissistic side, but rather my insecure, self judging side. So, off to the gym, I go. Pretty soon, I'll be posting pictures from the locker room of me kissing my biceps. Just wait.




  1. You need to find a gym buddy so you keep a regular schedule. Your horse is gorgeous and it is obvious you take very good care of that boy!

  2. Congrats on your gym commitment! I hope it is a beautiful relationship!

  3. I hate mirrors. With a passion. I much prefer denial. But I love the pic of Louie looking in the mirror. Good for you for joining a gym! I always say I am but then I never do.


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