Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Five

I don't think I've ever done a Friday Five post. I've found that I've had a really hard time coming up with blog topics for a while now. The girls over and Fairy Tales and Fitness posted today about blog link ups (if you haven't seen their blog, hop on over there. They always have fun topics.) While I'm not actually doing a blog link up in this post, I'm jumping on the Friday Five band wagon with the cool kids.

So that brings me to number one.

1. Blog link ups. Despite the fact that I've been a blogger (admittedly, a half- assed blogger, but a blogger, none the less) for several years, I've never done a blog hop or blog link up. To be honest, I'm still a little unsure of exactly how it works. I also have a huge fear of doing something that inadvertently steps on someone's toes. Like, what if I don't link back correctly? What if I look like an idiot. Ahhhh!! The struggle is real. But I think it would help me with blog topics.

You rang?

2. I'm going on an Alaskan cruise is June! I certainly didn't have an Alaskan cruise on my travel itinerary for this year, but a friend of mine convinced me to go. I'm super excited. Being an Arizona dweller, I need to find some warm clothes.

Can. Not. Wait.

3. By the skin of my teeth, I managed to qualify my wonder pony for the Regional Championships in October. Luckily, regionals will be held here in Phoenix this year, so it will be easy to participate. I don't really anticipate getting a ribbon simply because Louie isn't as fancy as the other horses, but you never know. It should still be a fun experience.

This picture is pretty old. I need to get some new show pictures!

4. I just started a new Netflix binge on a show called Bloodline. I'm about four episodes in and it's confusing, but I'm kind of sucked in. Is anyone else watching Bloodline?

5. I'm super, duper excited already for Wine and Dine Half. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with my mom. We're walking the 5K together and then I'm running the half. I've wanted to do this runDisney event for years. I also can't wait to be reunited with some of my favorite blogger friends and maybe meet some new friends! Who else is going to Wine & Dine? We need to meet up! I promise I am not a serial killer.

I love meeting up with friends at races!


  1. Saya dari indonesia,salam kenal ya bro, Nitip gan

  2. Jealous of your cruise! I'd love to do an Alaskan one. I don't think I'd be able to find anyone to do it with, though. Post lots of pictures!

    1. I will definitely be posting pics! Unless, of course, I have no access to wifi, which will be horrible! Lol

  3. Aww thanks for the mention. Don't worry about messing up on a link up. As long as you link back to the host they should be happy. Most are pretty lenient on the topics too. Sometimes we can't always come up with a post that fits the theme exactly but everyone has been nice about it and we haven't been kicked out

    I did an Alaskas cruise a few years ago and it looks like it was that exact ship in your picture, it was Norwegian. I have a recap up on our blog if you want to check it out. Just search "Alaska" in the search box or I believe it is also under our Travel tab!

    Congrats to you and your pony!

    1. Oooh! I will check out your Alaska post. Since it was a last minute decision to go, I've done almost no research. We're sailing on Norwegian, and I'm pretty sure the ship is the Jewel.


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