Friday, August 8, 2014

How To Keep Yourself Entertained On A Long Run

As runners, we find motivation in many different ways. Recently, I considered downloading audio books to listen to for those really long Saturday runs while I'm training for the NYC marathon. Mind you, I have yet to actually complete a super long run this summer because I like living on the edge and figure I'll somehow cram for marathon training much like I crammed for tests in high school, but I hear people do complete long training runs. Some people do it without any entertainment, which I can not even fathom. I'm considering downloading Divergent (should that be italicized or underlined? Any English majors out there?) for tomorrow morning.

But then I got to thinking that I probably need to be even more creative with my running routes because just running in any old pattern is for ROOKIES. I should map out some really cool route so when I look at my completed run on Runkeeper, I have a nice design like a heart or a flower. Or maybe Super Mario.


OR A PENIS. Yep, that's right. That's a thing the cool kids are doing right now. My friend, Amber, sent me an article about a woman that likes to make drawings on her Nike+ app. You should check out her tumblr for more pictures.

I mean, who doesn't want to draw a penis when they run?

I gotta go. I have to map out a run for tomorrow that may or may not include male genitalia.



  1. I love listening to audio books and considered downloading one for my runs but wondered if I would become to engrossed in the book and then become "unaware" on my runs!

  2. I tend to zone out and not even hear my music sometimes. I feel like if I try to listen to an audio book I'll miss huge portions of it and have to rewind and try to figure out where I got lost.

  3. Can I just say you crack me up?!?! And Divergent was good, second one, not so much, third made me mad I wasted time reading the series. But it's just my take on it. The first one was definitely interesting.


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