Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Havasu Half April 2011

Next up on the Ghosts Of Races Past play list is the Havasu Half Marathon in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

Lake Havasu City is a pretty cool little party tourist town, and also the home of the London Bridge.

Cool phone app? Why, yes, it is.

This race is pretty small with about 2000 competitors. At this point, I had done 2 Disney races and 2 Rock 'n' Roll races. If you want to get a feel of just how not competitive you are, try running a smaller race. It brings out the serious runners. Self esteem? Who needs that?

My usual running buddy, T, was unable to go with me on this adventure, so I dragged my mom along and even convinced her to do the 5K! She did great and even got a medal (bling whoredom runs in the family).

Lake Havasu City is one of the warmest parts of Arizona, so I packed pretty lightly, only to experience record breaking freezing weather. Fortunately, the weather cleared for the race itself. Shortly after the race, there was a torrential freezing downpour. I was very, very thankful that the running gods were kind because the night before and the afternoon after the race were absolutely miserable. Aside from my running shoes and running clothes, I had only brought light capris and light weight long sleeve shirts. Bbbbrrrrr!!!!

To fuel up before the race, my mom and I went to Mudshark Brewery, which is a very cool place (and also a sponsor of the Havasu Half). I highly recommend it!

Mudshark Brewery

I can't find my pictures from this race. I think they may be on an old memory card for my phone...

So I stole this one from the intrawebz.. source
My official time was 2:52, but my Garmin said it took me at least 5 minutes longer than that. Screw you, Garmin, my Official Time is 2:52. And that is all that matters, right?

I don't think I will do this race again this year, because the course is really, really boring (and lacking in Disney characters). The event coordinators did an excellent job, however. Everything went very smoothly, so kudos to the race staff. The entry fee was pretty cheap and included a cute tech shirt and a nice medal.

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