Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Musings

So much going on these days!

I was somehow able to avoid being productive at work today, yet still managed to have a big dollar day in my territory, so that's a win. I also got the best Cobb salad today for lunch. I'm once again trying to avoid grains. I swear, one of these days I will do more research on anxiety/depression and grains. But until then, doesn't this look amazing?

See? I can be healthy!

I entertained myself chatting back and forth via email with T about our upcoming marathon plans.

First up: NYC, baby!

Okay, I'm getting really excited about this. I can't think of a better city to run a full marathon than NYC. (I found a blog entry with great pictures about the NYC marathon today. Do I ever work?) Most importantly, I really need to think about what sort of tattoo I will need to fully commemorate the occasion. There's no way I'm running 26.2 miles and not getting inked. I nearly got a tattoo the last time I was in NYC, but that never came to fruition, so I won't miss out on that one again. I really like the idea of Roman numerals, except will the decimal thing be weird?

My stomach will never look like this...(source)

I also found this little gem while I was abusing the Google Image Search feature. I think this girl must have been an extra in the movie Avatar.

Julia Gnuse tattoos Julia Gnuse   The Most Tattooed Woman in the World
Holy shi*t. (source)

Second: Goofy Challenge 2013

A half marathon Saturday + a full marathon Sunday = 39.3 Miles

Running through all 4 parks? Magic. Or death. Maybe both.

Can. Not. Wait. (source)
Hey, anyone want to rent a suite at WDW and all camp out? Maybe if we split a room 47 ways we'll be able to afford all of this!

Third: Paris or London

I had actually researched the Berlin half marathon sometime last year, but then life happened and I put such ideas away until T brought it up today. My vote is for Paris, but I love London, too, so I would do either. (The London medal is one of the worst, though, and if I'm hitting up the international scene, do I really want a super ugly medal to commemorate the event?)

How cool is this? (source)
Next, we just need to find some money. T thinks prostitution a car wash would help. Anyone have any ideas how we're going to fund raise for all of these events? Especially considering we are going to have to fund raise for a charity just to participate in the NYC marathon? Help!

I went from thinking I was never, ever, ever going to do a full marathon to planning three. One of which immediately follows a half marathon the day before.

I guess I better up my training from meandering around the neighborhood for a couple of miles to something a little more serious.


And with that, I'm off to bed to think about far away places, aching legs and tattoos. Sleep well!

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  1. i really hope we like running in nyc, otherwise we're going to be reneging on our big plans for the next six months! i guess worst case we'll just be taking a walking tour of backwoods wdw and paris, but i'm just going to hope we actually *like* doing this shit, bc that would be way better :) reading all this is scaring me, and it's not even april!


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