Monday, December 26, 2011

Lost Dutchman 10K

A month after the Rock 'n' Roll Arizona, a group of us headed out to the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE to run the Lost Dutchman 10K. Actually, there's a marathon, half-marathon, 10K and 8K Trail run.

...I did not do a single training run in between R 'n' R AZ and this race. Oops. Oh, and we were leaving for the Disney World Princess Half Marathon two weeks later. No pressure!

Photograph of Lost Dutchman State Park
Named after the fabled lost gold mine, Lost Dutchman is located in
the Sonoran Desert at an elevation of 2000 feet.

This was the first race where I really struggled. I had lost about 15 pounds in all of my half  marathon training (and following a gluten free diet - more on that later) but my body really hurt throughout this entire race. I was tired 2 miles in...and it never got any better.

The weather was rainy, but I'll take that over the sun any day in AZ!

Isn't this pretty?

Yes, I moonlight as the Karate Kid.
 I think I might do this race again next year. Hopefully, I will be better in better shape! The race is well run and well organized. They offer really nice medals for each of the races except the 2 mile fun run.

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