Friday, December 30, 2011

Disneyland Half Marathon Sept 2011

I love the Disneyland Half Marathon.I know a lot of people prefer the Disney World Races, but I don't. Even though the race is partially through the streets of Anaheim and not entirely in the park, there's much more to look at than running along the Disney highways in Florida. I can't wait for the Inaugural Tinkerbell Half at the end of January!

This race was only 2 weeks after San Diego and I didn't go running a single time between that race and this one. I was battling some painful stomach issues and severe acid reflux. (A few weeks later, I went gluten free, but I will save that post for another time.)

Tab did the 5K this year!

Pre Race

Me and T waiting in the corrals before the start
Look! I made a new friend!

Back lots of Disneyland

Running into Angel Stadium. I love this part!

Angel Stadium

T2 and T caught up with me around mile 10...
and then left me in the dust.

My usual mile 10 pic

This completes the Run Disney Coast to Coast Challenge
I love, love, love this race. we stayed for a few extra days and just hung out and had a great time. My stomach issues were a little off and on, but I managed to cope...and drink lots of, of course. And I took a few non- race pictures.

Califonia Adventure Ferris Wheel

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