Monday, December 26, 2011

I set up a what?

It might seem silly, but the thing that kept me motivated when I signed up for my first half marathon was Google Image searching half marathon bling pictures. I live in Phoenix, AZ and training for a half marathon in the summer is hellish. When I didn't feel like heading out, I would image search race pictures and I stumbled across numerous blogs about running.

I named my blog The Unlikely Competitor because originally, I had picked that title for a book I thought I would write about the triumphs of my little-horse-that-could, Bam Bam Rubble. I may still do that one day, but for now, I'm just as unlikely of a competitor as he is, so I stole that title for my blog. I could have gone with Bling Whore for a blog name, but hey, I'm trying to be classy...

Besides, when you Google Image Search "bling whore", you get this image:

I do not look this good when I wear bling...         photo source
I've now run 9 half marathons since September 2010 and my times are getting slower and slower because once I knew I could finish, I sort of stopped training in between races. So instead of getting faster, I'm getting slower...and fatter. Not good.

I'm planning on stepping into the new year with a better attitude and more motivation. And hopefully, I will actually PR in one of my upcoming races. Although, most likely not the next two as they are back to back with only 24 hours of rest in between. Yes, my loyal race buddy, T aka  Run On The Sun and I are taking on Disney World's Half Marathon AND the Marathon Relay. Crazy? Yes.

Until then, I will be catching up with race reports from the Ghosts of Half Marathons Past so that I will be up to speed when when we leave for Florida! Cheers!

Yes, fire breathing dragons would definitely help me get a PR....    photo source

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