Wednesday, January 11, 2017

In With The New

I must say, 2017 has started with a bang. But before I get into that, I need to complain about a First World Problem. So, I got myself an iPad Pro. And no, I certainly don't have the spare cash to shell out the money for this top of the line, 256G, lightweight piece of amazingness. Sometimes our vendors pay us in "award points" rather than cash and we can buy things.


Usually we like just getting paid actual money since award points can't pay my mortgage, but the flip side is that now I have a super cool new toy that is the best iPad out there and I can totally justify its existence. Now I can retire my third generation of the original iPad, which weighs approximately 68 pounds and freezes all of the time because it's only 32G and there's not even room for iOS 10 on it.

You might be asking yourself why I need a 256G and the answer is this: because I wanted it. Here's the thing... I wouldn't ever be able to justify actually outright buying this iPad. But because I used points, why not get the best one? I most likely won't upgrade for years. Secondly, now that we can download things from Netflix to watch offline, I'm downloading stuff like crazy. And that takes up a lot of room.


So my actual problem here is that when I set up my new iPad Pro from iCloud, I thought everything transferred just fine until I went to actually follow through with my New Years resolution to get back to regular blogging and noticed that my favorite app is missing!!!

A few years ago, I purchased an app called Blogsy, that was ah-maz-ing. It made blogging on the go so super easy, even adding pictures with captions. The app wasn't free, either, but so worth the money. I can't remember how much it was when I downloaded it, but it was totally worth it.


So I went to the Apple App Store to just get it from the cloud and *GASP* it is gone! Imagine my utter shock and dismay. I mean, I might have even teared up a bit. That app was the best and it's nowhere to be found. All of the other blogger apps have horrible ratings, but I love writing blog entries from my iPad rather than an actual computer. Plus, my laptop is from like, 2011, and in computer years, that's prehistoric. You don't even want to know what happened to the speed of that thing after I downloaded Windows 10. It's terrible.

So, my dear blogger friends, can anyone recommend an app that works well with the Blogger (Blogspot) platform? I've heard the actual website works okay now on Apple devices but I haven't figured out how to add captions to my pictures (or really even upload pictures from my device) and things like that, and I'll be honest here, captions on pictures make my world go 'round. I just need them, okay? (Updated from the Atlanta airport where I downloaded a brand new app called BlogPal which also doesn't seem to have an option to adjust pictures or add captions. We'll see how it goes...)


I'm currently writing this from up in the sky on my way home from Marathon Weekend at Disney World (Spoiler Alert- awesome, awesome, awesome time with PRs, but I'll recap those separately) using the Pages app that came on this iPad. It's pretty cool and seems to work just like a regular Word document. Maybe I can use this to just cut and paste and my world won't actually come to a screeching halt because Blogsy has disappeared from the blogosphere.


So, in conclusion, I'm attempting to follow through with my New Years resolution to get back into regular blogging and reading other blogs (yes, I know, I've been so terrible about ignoring my blogger friends! I'll change, I swear! Please take me back!) and I feel as if the world is trying to thwart my efforts!

Speaking of New Years resolutions... I actually followed through on the one I made going into 2016. I gave up soda (not club soda because that's what I use to get my bubble fix) and didn't have a single sip of that sugary deliciousness in all of 2016. I'm carrying that on into 2017. I don't even want it anymore. 

Notice I did not give up wine or champagne? No, siree. Not happening. 


And in case you're wondering, no I'm not giving up alcohol in 2017, either. Just throwing that out there, especially since I consumed plenty last week. This is called a HippopotoMai-Tai and I had it at Trader Sam's at the Polynesian. I don't usually go for mixed drinks, but I had to have the souvenir glass which you can not buy without the drink. And no, you can't substitute. I asked if they could put prosecco in there instead, but no dice. So I took it like a champ. Had to celebrate a 10K PR!



Bye for now, bloggerinos. I'm off to do some recapping while on my journey back across the USA.


  1. Hi Jaime!
    Yay for getting a new ipad courtesy of you work, that's awesome. Apparently all my co-workers got new ipads back in September and I missed it, so now I get one too (which i'm not sure why because my current one works just fine). I am allowed to purchase my work ipad for myself for $150. I don't know what generation this ipad is so I don't know if that is a good deal. I know it is at least two years old.

    Okay, now on to this blogsy. I had no idea that existed. How is it different than using Blogger? I've never had any problems upload and captioning pictures in blogger. I am SO not tech savvy so please explain.

    1. Blogsy was an app for iPad so it was easy to blog on the go. You just linked your blog to it. You could edit pictures easily. It was so easy to use!

      Blogger is hard to use from my iPad. I can't figure out how to upload pictures. I don't use my laptop as much because it's old and slow. I like using my iPad. I did find a brand new app called Blog Pal and it's pretty good so far.

    2. I did see blog pal in the App Store. How is it different than Blogger? I did purchase my work iPad so this will be my first time blogging from the iPad so I am wondering if I should get that app too. What trouble is Blogger giving you on the iPad?


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