Thursday, June 12, 2014

Do Or Do Not. There Is No Try.

Just trying is cool, too.

Yeah, just kidding. There's all sorts of things where I 'try' to do something, but you could also call that half assing it. I'm the queen of half assing. Or not even trying at all. Whatevs. I do what I want!

Why am I quoting Yoda, then? Because I signed up for the Star Wars Half Marathon like all of the other crazy, rabid runDisney fans out there. I managed to use restraint and not sign up for the Rebel Challenge.

After doing Goofy, Dumbo and Glass Slipper, I was #SoOverRaceChallenges. Especially after GSC. The weather was so humid and I just did not have fun. I think I'd rather try for a PR than slog my way through a challenge. I'm pretty sure I will be dressing as Darth Vader. No Princess Leia for this girl. It gives me an excuse to wear all black and not look as if I am a goth teenager in mourning. White just isn't my color.

I don't recommend googling "sexy Darth Vader" while at work. Apparently, topless female Darth Vaders is a thing.

I will NOT be wearing this.

I also found this. Hello Kitty meets Darth Vader? So weird.


I'm pretty excited to do the SW Half because the weather in January in Anaheim is perfect. Much better than the bipolar weather of Orlando.

In other news, marathon training begins for the NYC Marathon this weekend. I'll be honest, I haven't run in a month. Why, you ask? Because I still have a nagging hamstring strain and it's effing hot already. At least I won't begin training on fatigued, over trained legs. Of course, under trained legs suck, too, so there's that.

I also want to take up yoga solely because I want to buy this shirt and wear it everywhere. I don't actually want to do yoga.




  1. I'll be in your state for PF Changs that weekend! Probably not in a Darth Vader bikini, though....

    1. Oh man!! Why do they have to be the same weekend?! It would have been so fun to finally meet!

  2. Where do I sign up for the 2014 veteran day run in Phoenix please help


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