Saturday, March 8, 2014

Princess Half Marathon Expo

I won't bore you to tears by doing an in depth expo recap because once you've done a Disney World race expo, they're pretty much all the same. Except....

I don't usually get greeted like I'm royalty at the entrance of a race expo. I love the red carpet treatment during Princess Half weekend. It's just makes things a little more fun.

Pretty nice greeting"

I also can't recall any other race expo where I can buy champagne. That needs to be a thing because this girl loves champagne.

Bubbly, please!

I really tried to find something to spend money on at the expo, but nothing really demanded coming home with me. I already have several runDisney shirts I don't wear, so I really don't need another one. That really hasn't stopped me in the past, but this time I used a little bit of restraint. Plus, I had already spent enough money on the Sparkle Athletic skirt and Raw Threads top I was wearing for the 10K.

I was running (I use the term "running" lightly here, folks) the 10K with my newbie runners and we agreed to be match-matchy for the race. We decided last minute to order Rum Runner shirts online from Raw Threads and pick them up at the expo. Yes, I know that breaks the cardinal rule of not wearing anything new on race day, but I like living dangerously. I did try everything on in case the shirt didn't look good on me (I also had a back up plain black shirt if I needed it).

How awesome are my matching sunglasses?

So the expo was pretty drama free. We arrived around 4:00 on Thursday evening and it was a little crowded, but not too bad. Thank God none of us were willing to mortgage our souls for the New Balance Disney shoes, because I was soooo not going to mess with that cluster f***. I got irritated just walking past it. But I'm a grouchy person, so there you go.

Much more to come! We were on Disney property for a week, so I have lots of pictures to share!


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