Monday, July 1, 2013

Be Kind...And Be A Kind Runner!

Need something to do with all of your old running shoes?

When I first started running, I certainly didn't have a bunch of running shoes. Once I wore out a pair of shoes to the point that they were no longer good for running, I designated them as barn shoes. I would happily break in my shiny new pair of running shoes and keep my old shoes for barn chores or washing my horse. Seemed like a good way to get the most use out of my shoes.

At least my feet are comfy while I clean stalls, right?

After awhile, though, I had way too many old running shoes (some not so old) to use at the barn and so they ended up tossed into the back of my closet.

Well now I've got something to do with them! Kindrunner is an online shoe store. But not just any store. Kindrunner offers a new and unique shopping experience for their customers. I've recently been given the opportunity to work with Kindrunner, and I'm really excited about this opportunity.

First of all, they offer free three way shipping.

  1. Free Shipping of all the products in your shopping cart to you.
  2. Free Return Shipping of any products you want to return.
  3. Free Shipping of your old shoes to us in exchange for Kindness Cash Rewards.
Once, Kindrunner receives your used shoes, they give them to their donations partners, who in turn, donate them to the countries (United States included) that are most in need. In return, you receive Kindness Cash Rewards.

From their website:

For every pair of running shoes you purchase, Kindrunner will accept a pair of reasonably-worn old shoes and issue a credit equal to $10 (ten dollars). This credit may be used for any future purchases at Kindrunner. We include a Free Kindness Cash Rewards™ return-shipping label with your new shoes so you can send us your old shoes.

Kindrunner also offers an in-depth gait analysis from the comfort of your home. In addition, each of their products has an expert product review video and approved alternatives. I figured I would check it out, so I researched the shoe I currently wear-  the Asics Kayano 19. I ran the Goofy Challenge in these shoes and I love them, so it was great to hear an expert opinion.


Pretty cool, huh? I really love this feature.

If your closet is overflowing with a bunch of worn shoes, but you are not in the market to purchase anything at the moment, then Kindrunner will accept them for donation. This is a great option for someone that simply wants to donate shoes and make a difference in struggling areas.

I really like the drive behind this company. It was founded by runners and I like the idea of others benefiting from my old shoes rather than having them collect dust in my closet. I'm excited for Kindrunner and can't wait to watch them grow. Maybe I'll see them at an expo one day!

So go check them out! What runner girl doesn't want new shoes? Or runner guy, for that matter? (C'mon, guys, you know you love your running shoes, too.) I gotta go. I have shopping to do. I think I'll stick with my Kayanos but I need a better color...

I can't resist the black with hot pink. You will be mine.

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