Thursday, December 13, 2012

12-12-12 Virtual Run 12K

Howdy. I hope everyone has more energy than I do. The last few weeks have been killer. I keep thinking work is going to slow down, but we've been crazy. Not to mention riding the Louie pony and trying to train for Goofy.

Yeah Goofy. So I convinced Tara that we should sign up for the 12-12-12 Virtual Race to shake things up. So in the spirit of celebrating 12-12-12, you could sign up for 1.2 miles, 12K or 12 miles for $12.12. And you get a medal in the mail. Sold.

Originally, I planned for 12 miles, but I got held up at work and left later than I had planned, so we shaved it down to a 12K. It's something, right?

I printed off our "race bibs" and personalized them. Looks professional, huh?

Then I raced over to Tara's. She lives a bits of a ways from me in Tempe, but she's close to a lot of great running areas.


Ready to run

Annnnnd then after whining and griping for a decent amount of time, we headed out toward Tempe Town Lake near ASU.

Challenge accepted, Mr. Bridge.

I don't know what's happening here.
This is why our runs take so long. Screwing around and climbing on structures with clearly posted warnings not to do so. And we're really slow. C'est la vie.

We jogged along a little more and then crossed over another bridge that leads to the Tempe Center for the Arts.

Tempe Center for the Arts

There was a symphony rehearsal going on...

We stopped at In & Out for a bathroom break, and it's a good thing neither of us had money at the time, because we probably would have ordered food.

So that sums up our Virtual Race. I'm feeling a little disillusioned as far as Goofy goes. I was exhausted last night and running 7.5 miles was somewhat of a struggle. I'm hoping it's just because the last few weeks have been extremely draining and I haven't gotten a lot of sleep.

Although, I was excited to see my Goofy race number today...and a little scared. Race waivers are ready to download! Eeek. I hope everyone else is doing better in their training than me.


  1. Some days I struggle to run 3 miles, and I wonder how the hell I'm ever going to run 26. Don't forget that all the NYC training you did is still there--you've still completed a LOT and fully trained for a marathon. There's no way to *really* prepare for Goofy, but you can do it. Can the 3 of us please go together sometime??? Your runs always look like much more fun than mine! Also, today Nicole and I stopped at Sonic and I wanted to order a milkshake. It was also like 55 degrees out...

    1. We do have fun, but we're so slow, you could run miles around us! But we would certianly love to have you around!

      I think that this spring, I'm going to work on speed before I start adding distance for when we FINALLY cross the NYCM finish line *crossing fingers that we actually get to run it*


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