Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mexico - Exploring The Beach

On Saturday morning, we got up early and went exploring on the beach before anyone was up and about. Our resort was at the end of a long line of hotel properties and there is a lot of empty space in one direction, so we headed that way to see what we could find. Mostly pictures here and they look a lot prettier if you click on them...

I would totally get married here...

We discovered an abandoned building along the shore might have been part of a hotel or some other kind of estate. It was really creepy, so of course, we decided that we needed to check it out. Because that is what sensible, intelligent people do.

Also, lots of bugs live here.

He's braver than the rest of us...
After the bugs attempted to devour us, we decided that this abandoned place was probably better left alone, We headed back to the beach and walked for quite a ways.

I hope some day I can make it back here. Everything is so beautiful! I still have more to post, since I took a ridiculous amount of pictures.

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Also, my eyes have been declared officially healed by my eye doctor! Woot!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!

    I'm so glad you investigated the abandoned building. That is too cool!

  2. It was really cool and at the same time really creepy. And the mosquitos were viscious!


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