Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Furrrrrrrr....

It's scary how much I identify with the guys on The Big Bang Theory... as far as nerdiness is concerned. I won't even attempt to try and convince you that I am smart like them because that would be far too unbelievable. But I am super nerdy like they are. Or is dorky a better word? Doesn't really matter.

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur...

Any time I think of TBBT, I immediately start singing Soft Kitty. If I have successfully transplanted that into your mind, I will consider myself successful. I'm a meanie.

Anyway, I bring up my nerd side because yesterday I registered for The New York City Marathon and I immediately decided I needed some sort of motivational things to keep me on track.

I'm the queen of making charts and posters, etc, all while not actually doing any training. I think I need to cut out some NYCM pictures to hang in my cubicle to stare at all day long. It doesn't help to hang such things in my house unless I am hanging it directly on the TV screen. At work, however, I'd rather think about running since right at that very moment, I can't. So, that's really the only time I want to run. Does this make sense?

Oh, Sheldon.

I'm pretty excited. I want to make every second of that marathon count. I don't want to wish I had trained harder or wish that I was thinner or any other number of things I could be thinking. I want it to be as awesome as I can make it in the 7 months I have to get ready.

I picked this up at the Princess expo.

So, if you have any super awesome motivational ideas, let me know. I need a good craft project! And I need one of these in my life:

Ermahgerd, how cute is this?



  1. Make a training plan that you can actually achieve. It is so much better to set up a plan that you like and think you can manage. I usually only run 3 days per week and cross train 3. If you can make time to run just three days a week, you could have an awesome NYCM. Find a training buddy too that will hold you accountable.

    1. My real problem is that my couch is just so comfy! ;) I'm researching training plans right now. I think I'm going to do a 20 week plan rather than a 16, but there's still a bunch of weeks before NYCM training would start, so I think I'm going to work on speed until then. Maybe I'll develope so much energy that I'll want to run all of the time!!

  2. Hahaha...we'd be besties if we knew each other in real life. Just vegging in front of the TV is what it's all about! I also completely get thinking running is the best idea in the world when you're doing something far removed from it. Then when it's time, you get all meh. I think you have enough time to ramp up slowly. You don't want to go full-bore and end up with an overtraining injury. Maybe build up a good base and keep it constant before you really start adding miles. You can also work on speed in the early stages when the mileage is low.

    1. Ha! We'd totally be besties! I think that's a good plan. I could really use some improvement on my form and speed, so I should work in that for awile.

  3. For motivation: watch "Run for your Life" and "Spirit of the Marathon 2" had a lot of NYCM stuff in it.

    Speaking from experience (and since you've already run a marathon)- I wouldn't start training too early- I was so burnt out!

    1. I've seen both Spirit of the Marathon movies but not Run for Your Life. I need to check it out!

      Don't worry- my ass is glued to my couch right now, sooooo I'm not in imminent danger of over training.

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    1. If you Google image search Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty, omg, so much cute Soft Kitty stuff pops up!


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