Monday, February 13, 2012

WDW Half Marathon Jan. 2012

Disney races start early. Incredibly early. I actually don't mind the early hour because I prefer not to run in the sun. Living in Arizona, I get about as much sun as possible all year long so starting a race at 5:45am in January allows for a good portion of the race to be run without the glaring sun.

We got ourselves on an early bus, which was smart because the ride to the start is mind numbingly slow due to traffic. It's so much different to race at WDW versus Disneyland where it's easy to plan your stay so that you can walk to the start line.

Run on the Sun (aka T) and I decided to play it smart and run this one as slowly as possible without getting swept. We actually set the pacer on her Garmin so we made sure we weren't too slow. I rarely go to a race alone, but I've never run a half marathon with anyone. Since we were taking it easy for Race #1, we stayed together and had a blast. I highly recommend doing at least one race with a friend and not worrying at all about the time. Disney races are the best for that!

T at the entrance of the Magic Kingdom

We really concentrated on keeping ourselves at a very slow jog. The cool thing about going so slowly is that at the end of the race, I really think I could have done another 5 miles.

Ridiculously fun.

Not sure what happening here, but I do know that this is where
the phone tragedy occurred during the Princess Half last year!

I always take a pic at mile 10, but this time T
was able to take of pic of ME at mile 10. Wheee!

This is T's 13th Half Marathon -
so we needed a mile 13 pic!
I felt great after the Half. T was a little sore because she had recently sprained her ankle. She was a total trooper, though. We behaved ourselves and did not go play at the parks that day. I don't really like that Donald is the mascot of the half marathon. He's not my favorite Disney character and the medal is a little creepy. 2012 is the 15th anniversary of the half, so the medals were in color. (Disney race medals are gold unless it's an anniversary medal.)

But I never turn down race bling, so I'll take it!
Over all, I had a lot of fun. I loved having T with me and having fun and talking through out the entire 13.1 miles. Maybe we'll do it again when we do Goofy in 2013!

I will recap the Relay and the rest of our trip soon!

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  1. Now I'll have to go read your Princess recap to see what happened with your phone!


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